15 November 2006

The mini-update

Knits-Ahoy! Actually, that reminds me of Chips Ahoy cookies, and that sounds like a really appealing breakfast at the moment...

Okay, anyway. A few scattered thoughts for your perusal, and a couple more pictures.
I've done a sort of half update in my Etsy shop. That's what all the hats are for, by the way. It's nice to have a little bit of extra income, and I've really enjoyed the online shop experience so far. Perhaps the best part is dragging my friend Nicole around the U of C library to act as a knitwear model. We came up with some pretty funny shots.

This is the second and final year in my U of C Master's program and you know what that means: Grad school application time again. This is half of what's been keeping me crazy-busy, but I've finally narrowed down the list of schools and programs, so I'm now working on personal statements and gathering transcripts and GRE scores, etc. At least having the choosing aspect out of the way makes this project a little less daunting [I originally typed "more daunting" and then caught myself. Freudian slip?].

The end of the quarter rush for papers and presentations and projects, oh my! is upon us.

My largely amicable but still emotionally-painful and exhausting breakup over the past month coincided with my mom taking a series of trips to the hospital and eventually finding out about a cancerous tumor, which she had removed this past Friday and which she and we and the doctors hope was the extent of any malignancy. Dealing with all of the emotional and physical ramifications of both situations (really one situation in my experience since phone calls and visits all seemed to happen simultaneously) has left me totally drained. I feel a bit nervous about sharing this news on my blog, but it's life and all tied in with my knitting/lack of knitting and my need to craft and share and make almost defiantly in the face of what life throws our way.

I can't wait to have some time to knit and relax this week after finishing a paper draft and a personal statement draft, and I really really can't wait to go home for Christmas break.


Elisabeth said...

Took a gander at your shop--very cute stuff and photos.

I'm sorry to hear about all of the life stress. That sort of thing can be overwhelming. Take it easy and be good to yourself!

katie said...

Sounds like an awful month--you and your mom are in my thoughts. (And that awful boy causing you stress isn't :) )

And the etsy shop photos look great--looks like you had fun showing off the knits!

Terby said...

Good luck with everything going on. I hope this period of tough times passes quickly and the holidays bring some relaxation for you, and some good time with your family. Stress is not fun.

Cute hats!

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