28 August 2006

Ah, Monday.

I had a nice, relaxing weekend! Cute BF was here, and while I'm sad it was only for 3 days, he's coming back soon, during my week of vacation between the Hebrew class and Fall Quarter. We walked all over Hyde Park, ate some delicious food, and took 80 billion pictures. This is my favorite.
It was good to have a mini break, because today I got to start up the craziness again. My first Hebrew class went really well, and I got a lot of packing finished this evening. I can't believe I'm moving in just 2 days! Hopefully I can get the rest of my stuff into boxes tomorrow night. At this point it's mainly clothes and kitchen wares left to pack. Most of my books are already on bookshelves in the new place, which is nice since they're the heaviest things I own.
This was a quick one since I have to get to bed - another intense class tomorrow followed by packing and paper writing and doing laundry. Wish me luck!

61. I like to watch sappy or cheesy chick flicks.
62. I prefer highlighters that aren't yellow.
63. Bags are better than purses (I carry a lot of stuff).
64. I own way too many kinds of body wash and shampoo.
65. I like to wear flip-flops in the rain. It's easier to dry off my feet that way.
66. I used to be afraid to make business telephone calls or even call the pizza place, in case they asked me a question to which I didn't know the answer. I got over it.
67. I like to paint my nails.
68. I love the smell of PlayDoh.
69. I want to take a vacation to Maine.
70. I can't wait for school to start again.


Elisabeth said...

Good luck with Hebrew class and the move!

may said...

you guys are so cute!! :D

cecily said...

I love the smell of Play-Doh, too. :)
Good lucj on your first day of classes...mine's today! :D

Maggie said...

Awww...looks like you had a good time

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