22 June 2006

Still Kicking

I'm here! I've just been away from the computer for a week. It's the only downside of vacation... e-mail buildup and blog stagnation. There HAS been a bit of knitting - I finished the first sock of my brown Embossed Leaves pair, and hopefully I'll be able to knit away on the second one during my upcoming road trip. Which I will be able to document on this blog, because I'll have access to the internet AND I'll even bring my camera :)
No pictures right now, since the computer I'm using is incredibly slow and I'd rather deal with loading stuff when I have a slightly faster connection.
So that's the latest update! I'm going to go back outside now and enjoy the sun. Oh, and finish packing and marking up the map for driving tomorrow :)


Brianna said...

I changed the link to my blog. Here is the new one: mybananafish.blogspot.com

cecily said...

hi allison...please update your blog soon!

thanks. :)

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