24 May 2006


To start with, a better picture of those socks without the pink glow. Even though it's night and I used the flash, this is a pretty accurate representation of the color.

In other Sockapalooza news, my new pal over at Yarnbeans sent me a totally unexpected and very sweet thank-you gift. Some hand-dyed sock yarn in fabulous shades of blue and a super cute card. This was such a great surprise, and it's at the top of my list for Project Spectrum June!
I got some expected mail, too, the other day. A skirt I ordered. I love the ribbon and the hem facing print. I haven't worn it yet, and I might wait until I get home in a few weeks and go out for a girls' lunch with my sisters.
One quick FO to share as well! I went to Michael's today with a gift certificate from my aunt, and I bought a bunch of Sugar'n Cream cotton, mostly variegated colors, to make dishrags. I want to phase out kitchen sponges, I think, and dishrags make quick, easy knitting.
ETA: Had to remove the quiz, because the fact that it was making my sidebar migrate down to the bottom of the page was really getting on my nerves...


AmyArtisan said...

Dishcloths are so much better than sponges at the kitchen sink! I grew up with our kitchen always have cloths made by my Grandma - seriously, one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to knit was so that I could ensure my own kitchen would be well stocked. :)

Love the skirt - how fun!

Terby said...

Those blues are amazing.

I've been knitting a lot of dishcloths recently - a combination of the influence of the Mason-Dixon book and a recent inability to think very hard.

Emily said...

omg...the blues in that yarn are so pretty!! and that skirt is so cute--great find!

jennifer said...

love the dishclothes! thank god i am done with dishcloth blitz number 1
and on to the second for my sister's b-day.

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