11 March 2006

The Sockiness Continues

Finals week starts in 2 days! I don't feel ready (do I ever?)!
I'm actually in good shape for 3 papers and 1 exam - the exam is Tuesday, so I shouldn't be freaking out. I think it's just the general atmosphere on campus. You can smell the anxiety and the stress as soon as you walk into the library.
Or maybe that's just students who haven't showered for a while. Ew.

At least I have new socks to fortify me!

Regia umm I threw away the ball band :(

My typical sock pattern - 3x3 ribbing on US3s, toe up with short row toes and heels. I sort of tried to get them to match up, and they sort of do! The only place they are really different is on the bottom of the foot, but no one will be looking there, right?

I ended up using maybe 2/3 of the 100g/42om skein, so I'll probably make some little armwarmers, too. Because I love those things. Here's another picture for good measure!
I'll try to post again soon - no more of this letting almost a whole week pass between posts!


katie said...

Good luck with the exam--I get all grumpy when a class makes me take an in class test. I'd much rather write a paper. And the socks look like good comfort for busy days.

AmyArtisan said...

The socks look great! Hopefully the "campus smell" with be changing with this beautiful spring weather here in Chicago. ;)

Emily said...

cute socks! i see you've got an etsy shop. how come you didn't tell anyone? ;)

candsmom said...

Your socks look wonderful! The colors are great and the stripes match up well, too. Good luck with your papers and exams!! It's midterm time for us so we've got a similar smell going on here... though not quite as "smelly" as during finals! ;-) Take care and have a great week, Allison! :-)

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