09 February 2006

Just Jaywalking Along

I'm from California, and I thought I'd seen the worst possible driving: the "California Stop", aka "roll through the intersection at about 5mph slower than you were driving before", or "Right Turn on Red after Stop" becoming "if you're turning right you never have to stop, and you can honk at cars that have the right of way", and "Use Your Blinker", umm, no one does that, so it doesn't even have a name.
However, I'm starting to think Chicago drivers may be even more nutso: "Green" does not just mean "go", it means "if you aren't already driving by the time the light changes, everyone behind you will start honking, and some people will drive around you on the right in your own lane so that they can zoom ahead, or just for the thrill of almost taking off your bumper", and I think that "Crosswalk" translates into something like "here are all the students! over here! please come hit them!".
No offense if you are a Chicago driver, unless you're the lady who almost ran me down yesterday while I was a) already halfway across the street, b) using the crosswalk, and c) wearing a giant, cream-colored down coat that is really hard to miss, all because she didn't want to stop at the stop sign. And then she honked at me!
From now on I may just resort to Jaywalking - it might be safer.

Specs: Knit Picks Sock Garden, Stargazer Lily, 2 skeins-ish
Smaller size Jaywalkers on US3 dpns
jaywalkers - complete
Notes: I like the heel flap, but I seriously need to get better at picking up stitches along the side. I have pretty amazing gaps going on there, so when I need to make really durable socks, for now I'll be sticking to the short-row heels. Would I make Jaywalkers again? YES! But first I have some other patterns lined up that I want to try out with less-stripey yarn. Then I'll come back to the zig-zag goodness of chevron socks!
Also note the socks are bright pink. Maybe pink means something like "be mesmerized by my zig-zaggy feet and ankles, and bring your car to a complete stop". I can dream, right? :)

Happy Knitting!


emily said...

i love love love them! they are sooo beautiful!!!

candsmom said...

You are TOO funny!! Your whole post cracked me up from beginning to end. You poor, victimized pedestrian! On the upside, though, your Jaywalkers are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them in that colorway and you did such an amazing job on them. The pinks are gorgeous and I think *just* bright enough to get cars to come to a complete stop. ;-) Take care, Allison! :-)

amanda woodward said...

I love love love them!!!! May I ask why your using 3's? I started mine on 1's & it's slow going!!! I wonder if I should have used a bigger size needle...hmmm

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