04 January 2006


Well, last time I posted I was just finishing everything up for last quarter, and now that I'm back, I'm already in my second day of classes! That was definitely a really quick break. First, thanks so much for the friendly birthday wishes. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that you're all enjoying 2006 so far.
On to the updates!

I know you all wanna see the knitting. I did a lot of projects, but I'm a dumbo and didn't take pictures of everything. Here's what I've got:
Chris's Hat - ooh look, colorwork!

Boyfriend's mittens - my own fakey pattern which was pretty fun to figure out as I went
Jennifer's Hat - cables are so entertaining.
I also made Poor Miss Finch's Esther Williams Hat for my sister, but neglected to get a picture of how much she loves it.

Other Vacation
Gingerbread. YUM. Plus my dorky little brother hamming it up for the camera.
Hanging out with the boyfriend for the first time since summer. Long distance is a terrible thing, except I think that when we do see each other we have way more fun.
I have new classes and I like them all so far. The M.A. intro course this quarter is on Religion and Constructive Studies (Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics). I'm looking forward to the Spring intro to Historical Studies, but this one has some great books. I mean, when you start out reading Augustine, how can you go wrong? I'm also taking a survey on the New Testament and a course on the Theology and Spirituality of the Middle Ages (14th-15th centuries). Looks like a good quarter ahead!
I am also happy to report that the bug infestation in my apartment has miraculously taken care of itself while I was home in CA. Thank goodness for bug traps. Also, there's no snow here at the moment, which is slightly disappointing but also very convenient while I'm trekking around everywhere getting groceries, books, and other random things to settle in again.

Okey dokey, so now you're all up to date :) Now that I'm no longer on vacation time (and really it is like an entirely different world on vacation) I'll be posting regularly again and getting some more knitting done. I'll also have the boyfriend send pictures of his feet in the neato socks I made for him.


sp6 said...

just checking, did you get your last sp6 package? i like your hats that you have been making.

katie said...

Yay for finishing the Christmas knitting! I'm especially liking the pattern around the black hat. Good luck with the new semester!

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