06 January 2006

Calling all Knitters - HELP WANTED!

Like most other grad students I know, I've been having some trouble with my...ahem... lack of income. Hopefully one of the job applications I've already put in this quarter will turn out to be fruitful, but even still it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra. And I know that knitting could definitely help me with this!
I also want your help. Does anybody have experience selling handknits/crochet online? I'm debating between Ebay, a place that would let me set up a distinct shop like Etsy, and trying out consignment through a site like cut+paste. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, stories, and suggestions as I get this whole process started.
Thanks in advance!


mayflwr said...

hi there! I had a whole "business" set up last year. I knit hats/ scarves to order (especially good during Christmas time)During the summer I started working on hats/ scarves, then as soon as the cold hit, I busted them out! I even had tags made that I affixed to every item. Before Christmas I focused on GUYS...most of them are so clueless, and are willing to pay anything if you give them a handknit scarf and say "give this to your mom/ gf/sister/etc...she will love it!)" I had a lot of Christmas orders..and it was cool for them because they got to say "I chose this scarf, pattern and color especially for you!" I had a big stash of examples for people to chose from. The biggest problem I ran into was my market...college students...in most cases, if they can get it at walmart for cheaper, they will. The whole handcrafted/ handknit factor doesn't play that big of a role in their decision. Basically, when I first started I priced wayyy to low. I started charging a little more when I realized what a deal they were getting! Basically get the word out there...the best time to hit is fall/holidays. I was lucky because I had the DORMS...so word circulated! During that time I'd knit everywhere I went, and people would start up conversations that often lead into "can you make me a scarf?"

Oh lordy, what a long comment...i'm sure I have more to say...good luck! :)

Brianna said...

Hi Allison! I got your package yesterday and I wanted to say thank you!! I love the goodies you sent. Thanks for being a great SP6 :)

jen said...

you may want to consider my shop where i don't charge you and you get a full 100% of what you make

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