02 December 2005

Friday at last

Thank you for your kind comments about knitting and school! I gave my presentation today, and I think it went really well, so that's one less thing to work on. Only 2 papers to go in the next week!!

In knitting news, uhhh, I haven't done anything. But! There was a knit-sighting today on campus. I walked past a girl wearing a lovely turquoise Wavy scarf!!!

I didn't ask her if she had made it or if someone had made it for her, because I feel that it might be a bit disconcerting to be randomly approached and questioned intensely about your scarf if you are not a knitter yourself. None of you would mind if some random chick came up and started asking if you go to knitty.com, though, right? :)
Oh, and
handspun merino
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You like all things natural and would prefer to do
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What kind of yarn are you really??
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Happy Friday!


candsmom said...

Ooh, a knit sighting is almost as good as knitting itself! If someone randomly accosted me and asked me if I surfed Knitty.com I'd be *thrilled*!! But I guess you're right about the general population not being as receptive. ;-) Congrats on the great presentation and good luck on those last two papers...we're so, so close!! :-)

Lolly said...

I have yet to have a knit sighting (well, other than my friends who I know...) I would just love it if someone came up to me and recognized a pattern though--hehe! A knitter bond would be formed ;)

Good luck with the rest of school! We are in the homestretch, my friend!

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