09 October 2005

Knitting Bee?

Wow what an eventful weekend!
First things first - my SecretPal6 sent a fantastic package from Seattle. I'm so excited about all these goodies... little sticky notes that are already marking pages in my reading (200 pp of Weber this week), a sheepy note pad, sweet rubber ducks to jazz up my very plain bathroom, and the cutest halloween bear ever! Ooh and the yarn... this calls for a closeup:
The perfect colors for me, no? The candles are actually from my sister, but the bear needed to be propped up with his little pumpkin belly. There were also new taste sensations included in the package. So looking forward to trying sour apple tea! Who knew? (Imagine that this picture is not sideways....sorry)

Thank you so much Secret Pal! This package made my afternoon :)

I both went to a knitting bee (haha that name makes me laugh) and was a busy knitting bee all weekend. Friday night was Knit Night with the girls from seminary, who are all totally sweet - so glad I got a chance to meet everyone and hang out. I got a huge chunk done on my secret knitting project and actually finished it after a few extra minutes on Saturday morning. I actually blocked it, too - first time blocking anything!!! Here's a hint pic of the unblocked state, in case the recipient happens to check out my blog before the post office delivers his treat.

I'll post pics of the secret surprise in action as soon as I get some.

And my other mini project of the weekend - a shawl/scarf with scraps from secret surprise and some purple yarn also sent by my sister, who is the queen of care packages, I swear! Once I stop being lazy and get the ends woven in, I'll show you what it looks like on.

Finally, all of you should join me and go to Lolly's blog to join in the


Anonymous said...

Hi!, its your sp6. I am glad that you are enjoying your package! Have a great day.

Lolly said...

Great package you got there! and sock yarn is always something to celebrate :)

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