20 September 2005

I Made It!

I never knew that I could shop so much in just one weekend. But I guess trying to set up an entire apartment in 3 days means you have to go shopping like a crazy person hell-bent on depleting her bank account!!
BUT! I am here in my new apartment, which has a huge desk (hooray, lots of room for homework - uh, should I be happy about that?), a futon bed, a nice little kitchen, tiny bathroom, and giant walk-in closet area. It also now has a ton of junk that I bought to fill it up :) And food! I won't starve, even though my siblings were worried about not being able to find any large grocery stores near campus.
Today is orientation, so I got my student ID and I have a bunch of meetings coming up later in the afternoon. Wish me luck!
Knitting news: the knitting is going kind of slowly for obvious reasons. I'm on the heel turn of Elfine socks 2.0 #2, so with any luck I should finish it tonight and take a picture to post on here. Then I can start more socks and a beautiful something with my secret pal laceweight - I am supposed to be getting another package from my lovely secret pal, so exciting!
I'm on modem for a week until DSL kicks in, so my computer is pretty slow and AIM is being a butt, but I should be in touch with people by e-mail and I'll try to post on here regularly.

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