08 September 2005

Almost Chicago-ing

Just one more week until the big move! I'm working on trying to get everything sorted out and finished up. So there might not be much knitting going on over the next two weeks as I unsettle and re-settle myself. Or there might be a lot; it depends on how much time I set aside to relax with small projects that can remain unpacked. But!! I am going to buy my own digital camera, so hopefully I will have pictures to share no matter what :)
The Elfine socks are going really quickly - just 3.5 lace repeats and 5 rows of ribbing to finish off #2, probably today. I'm not liking the way the colors arranged themselves, but my mom loves it, so they'll be gifty socks.

1 comment:

Wesley said...

how about an email sometime? it'd be nice :)

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