28 January 2011

Friday: Link Love and then some

Happy Friday, friends :) This post is a big one because I've got a lot to catch up on - so many great things have been going on this week.  Keep an eye out this weekend for a few more posts about fun finds and crafty trades.

First, the promised photos of my sweater!
As soon as I laid it out on the floor to get a picture, Gus jumped on and refused to budge. I guess this means it is cat-approved?

These next shots were all taken at night, so I've done a bit of adjusting to lighten them and try to get the colors right... You get the general idea :) One day when it is not so freezing cold outside, I will get some daylight photos and give you the specs.  For now, you can also check out my Ravelry project page (Rav link).

 And yes, one should always toast the completion of a new sweater!

And now, on to the links of the week:

*** I was drooling over this lovely studio tour post at The Pleated Poppy. Hello, gorgeous fabric!

*** Alisa Burke does a cute tutorial for braided headbands (her whole blog is so full of cool crafty ideas, and a few delicious-looking recipes - check it out!)

***Maybe I was particularly hungry this week or something, because the recipe posts are the ones that really stand out in my memory! This great one (shared on Trains and Sewing Machines) for a magnificent grilled cheese sandwich, will probably haunt me until I just make the thing.

That's all for now - hope you all have a wonderful, crafty, and delicious Friday!


Julie said...

I love your new sweater!! the yarn for the stripes looks amazing. And it's cat-approved, how can you go wrong?!

faeriecollege said...

That is a great looking sweater!

Also, I HAVE to make those headbands. They are the cutest thing.

kelli ann said...

love the stripes. such lovely colors!

Nicole said...

That sweater looks so great! So does that sandwich, we should definitely make those for dinner one night and maybe future picnics too.

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